Internet Marketing – Link Popularity Is An Essential Tool

Today search engine optimization has taken over the Internet market and is one of the most useful techniques for driving traffic to a web site as it causes the site to be more visible in the eyes of search engine robots.Search Engine Optimization and Website Popularity revolve around getting back links to the site. The term “back links” refers to the website’s link being placed in other directories and web sites throughout the Internet. The method of generating back links is referred to as creating “link popularity.” Link Popularity is a very important method of off-page optimization and plays an important role in getting high ranking on search engine result pages.The more back links a website has, the easier the website can be crawled by the search engine robots. Additionally, the robots will crawl the site more often because they will be further attracted to the site. The following is a Link Popularity campaign which aims at bringing more and more back links to the website.Three types of link exchanging are used in the process of building link popularity. They are:
One Way Link Building
Reciprocal Link Exchange
Three Way Link Exchange
One-Way Link Building: As the name suggests, one-way link exchange refers to getting your link on a site without having to reciprocate it back. The most common ways to participate in one-way link building are:
Web Directory Submission
Social Book Marking
Blog Posting
RSS Feed Submission
Article Submission
Press Release Publication
Reciprocal Link ExchangingReciprocal link exchanging is the process of exchanging links between two web sites. There are a lot of websites or directories which offer reciprocal link exchanging services. During reciprocal link exchanging one should take care of the following criteria:
The linking site’s theme should be relevant to your website content or category.
The linking site’s page should be indexed by Google and easily accessible from the site’s index page
The linking site should not be restricted for search engine spiders

The linking site’s page should not be frames or flash based.

The linking site’s page should not be more than 2 clicks away from the home page.

The linking site’s page should not be FFA ( free for all)
Three Way Link ExchangingThree-way link exchanging is another form of reciprocal link exchanging process. It refers to the process of getting a link from any website and giving a reciprocal link on any other third site. (For example: site X links to site Y, site Y on the other hand links to site X from another site Z). The value of links by three-way link exchanging can then be better than normal reciprocal links, which are usually done between two website.Automated Link ExchangeAutomated Link Exchanging is the process of getting link requests from other sites automatically. There are a lot of websites or directories available on the web which provide services for automated link request. For example, Vision Media Group provides an automated link exchange application as part of every web site they build at can also get a membership on a site that provides group link exchanges. When you submit your link on such a site, it will automatically send a link request to the Webmaster of the site you would like to exchange links with. You can therefore submit many link requests in a short period of time. However, it is important to note that exchanging links manually is much more effective than automated link exchanging through these types of web sites.

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