Free SEO Tips – How to Optimize Your Site in Two Hours

Do you feel that now is the time to implement search engine optimization (SEO) for your website?Would you like to leverage the internet to have 100s to 1,000s of additional customers:
Landing on your site before a competitor?

Trusting your content as an expert opinion?

Giving you direct contact for more information?

If this is the case, you’re going to benefit significantly from these free SEO tips.Professional search engine optimization comes at a heavy price, however the amateur can be effective with the SEO tips provided throughout this article. This information is meant for entrepreneurs, marketers, managers, and small business who would like to benefit from free SEO rather than spending thousands of dollars.Upon completion of this article, you will be able to implement these SEO strategies on your website immediately in a step-by-step fashion.These free seo tips encompass the fundamentals of boosting page ranking, and even the experienced internet marketer will probably benefit from the following information.Free SEO Tip #1: Definition of a KeywordKeyword [kee-wurd] n. – the words that your audiences will most likely input into a search engineNewbie tip: Since “keywords” are the words that people search for in Google, each page should target a set of “keywords” most relevant to their product or serviceExamples: If you’re a local home remodeler, a target keyword for you may be “kitchen remodeling annapolis” – if you’re a computer repair shop, a target keyword may be “laptop repair maryland”
Every business has a set of target keywords. The website should reflect each keyword on an individual basis, dedicating an optimized page for each one of them.Free SEO Tip #2: Choosing the Best KeywordsIn the industry, we refer to the activity described here as “keyword research” which is short for the process that best identifies the web real-estate a business will want to go after.Here are some free SEO tips for performing “keyword research”:
Go to Google and perform a search for “Google Keyword Tool”

After a brief brainstorm, input your suspected keywords into the tool. Avoid using geography, so if you are a small business consultant in Baltimore then just type “small business consultant”.

The tool will return a list of related keywords and how often each is searched for on a monthly basis.

A great keyword has a combination of relevancy and search volume. The volume is provided for us generously by Google. The relevancy, however, requires the human element.

Select 5-10 of the keywords with the most relevancy and highest search volume. You are now ready for the next step.
Free SEO Tip #3: Where to Put Keywords
There are different places on each page that should include the targeted keyword. This is information that we discuss in these free SEO tips as well.
We refer to these places as “SEO Points” and some of the most critical are:

Page Title – search engines factor the page title heavily into their rankings

Page URL – this is another crucial location for target keywords. If your page URLS resemble, you will want to consider adjusting them to something along the lines of

Page Headline – this is a tricky part of SEO since it is important that the keyword be present, while at the same time remaining catchy and interesting to reader.

Page Meta Description – It is of moderate importance to include keywords for search engines to pick up but, like the headline, a good meta description remains catchy and relevant.

Page Copy – it is of extreme importance that a keyword be distributed throughout the actual visible copy of the page.

Page Meta Keywords – although Google no longer considers meta keywords in their algorithm, smaller search engines still credit them so it doesn’t hurt to input target keywords there as well
Free SEO Tip #4: Optimizing Your Site for KeywordsNow that you’ve targeted keywords and learned about the “SEO Points”, it is not time to implement the changes which will yield a decent increase in the traffic and leads received by your site.First, ask yourself, “Do I have pages on my site that already contain my target keywords?” and “Do these pages focus on my set of target keywords on an individual basis?”If the answer to both of these questions is “yes”, then modification of the SEO Points (titles, URLs, headlines, etc.) to include the target keywords is all that is required.If the answer to either question posed above is “no”, then just create new ones.SEO Tips for Creating New Pages:
Create one page per target keyword and include it in the SEO Points we’ve previously discussed.

For the best results it is imperative that each page provides information that the reader is seeking. A short page with irrelevant information will do little to serve our purpose. Take some time and put yourself in the reader’s shoes.

A new page should be 300-500 words, including the target keyword 2-4 times throughout the page copy.

Create a link from your homepage to the new page or else Google will never find it. Deciding where to link the page is important for SEO and is more of an advanced practice.
Of course, many of the strategies utilized by an advanced SEO professional have not been mentioned in this article and some of them can make a tremendous difference. However, if you were to follow all of the steps outlined for now…Even if you do nothing else…They would likely result in an increase in traffic and leads as soon as a week from implementation. Expect a jump anywhere from 10% to 100% of the course of the next few weeks and months.Free SEO Tip #5: Consult a ProfessionalIt is our hope that if you need SEO for your site, but are on a tight budget, or are more of a do-it-yourselfer, that this post gets you started in the right direction for free SEO.

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Internet Marketing – Link Popularity Is An Essential Tool

Today search engine optimization has taken over the Internet market and is one of the most useful techniques for driving traffic to a web site as it causes the site to be more visible in the eyes of search engine robots.Search Engine Optimization and Website Popularity revolve around getting back links to the site. The term “back links” refers to the website’s link being placed in other directories and web sites throughout the Internet. The method of generating back links is referred to as creating “link popularity.” Link Popularity is a very important method of off-page optimization and plays an important role in getting high ranking on search engine result pages.The more back links a website has, the easier the website can be crawled by the search engine robots. Additionally, the robots will crawl the site more often because they will be further attracted to the site. The following is a Link Popularity campaign which aims at bringing more and more back links to the website.Three types of link exchanging are used in the process of building link popularity. They are:
One Way Link Building
Reciprocal Link Exchange
Three Way Link Exchange
One-Way Link Building: As the name suggests, one-way link exchange refers to getting your link on a site without having to reciprocate it back. The most common ways to participate in one-way link building are:
Web Directory Submission
Social Book Marking
Blog Posting
RSS Feed Submission
Article Submission
Press Release Publication
Reciprocal Link ExchangingReciprocal link exchanging is the process of exchanging links between two web sites. There are a lot of websites or directories which offer reciprocal link exchanging services. During reciprocal link exchanging one should take care of the following criteria:
The linking site’s theme should be relevant to your website content or category.
The linking site’s page should be indexed by Google and easily accessible from the site’s index page
The linking site should not be restricted for search engine spiders

The linking site’s page should not be frames or flash based.

The linking site’s page should not be more than 2 clicks away from the home page.

The linking site’s page should not be FFA ( free for all)
Three Way Link ExchangingThree-way link exchanging is another form of reciprocal link exchanging process. It refers to the process of getting a link from any website and giving a reciprocal link on any other third site. (For example: site X links to site Y, site Y on the other hand links to site X from another site Z). The value of links by three-way link exchanging can then be better than normal reciprocal links, which are usually done between two website.Automated Link ExchangeAutomated Link Exchanging is the process of getting link requests from other sites automatically. There are a lot of websites or directories available on the web which provide services for automated link request. For example, Vision Media Group provides an automated link exchange application as part of every web site they build at can also get a membership on a site that provides group link exchanges. When you submit your link on such a site, it will automatically send a link request to the Webmaster of the site you would like to exchange links with. You can therefore submit many link requests in a short period of time. However, it is important to note that exchanging links manually is much more effective than automated link exchanging through these types of web sites.

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Impact of Smart Technology on Data Entry Processes

With evolving smart technologies, the entire process of rendering data entry services has become way easier. Smart technologies are now helping businesses strategically and economically by generating data from every possible source including mobile phones, industrial equipment, smart accessories and personal computers.Data entry services are considered to be “smart” on their responsiveness with respect to the incoming data. Businesses are looking for effective ways to manage data for obtaining better value and supporting their ultimate objectives.Smart technologies tend to engage people and various smart devices with the related business, for better processing and collection of data from designated sources. For supporting and coping with the current evolution of such technologies, processes are being constantly renewed.There are various smart applications that enhance data analytics processes and make them even better. These include Cloud Computing, Internet of Things, Smart Data and Machine Learning.Need of Smart Technology
Data entry services, when offered with smart technologies provide real-time data processing, thus improving business’s economic growth and providing a business-friendly option with efficient data management.When looking for a suitable smart app for your business, you should always consult a data entry outsourcing company.Nowadays, businesses are striving for more innovative strategies while incorporating these smart apps.
It eradicates the need of paper documents.

It provides innovation with a customer-centered approach.

These technologies are all industry-oriented, providing accurate results

These are scalable and easy-to-adopt.

They work even better with unorganized data volumes.

Collection of Data via Smart Technologies
Smart technologies assist in collecting and assembling data through:
Intelligent Capture replacing template-based data extraction with an efficient capturing module and natural language understanding.
Mobile Data Entry for collecting data on various mobile devices, enabling smart data entry services.
Robotic Process Automation (RPA) providing the latest smart recognition technology for improved data processing.

Data Alteration through Smart Technologies
For better use of these technologies, data entry services and methodologies are continuously being reshaped and revised, allowing organizations to take competitive advantage, along with enhancing cost-efficiency and security of business operations.Smart technologies include Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Internet of Things have now replaced manual processes that are more time-consuming, providing lesser room for human errors.Let’s talk about a few of these technologies:
Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are more responsive and secure when it comes to managing any repetitive task, recognizing various patterns and enhancing the accuracy level.

For expanding number of data sources and creating a connection between people, internet, devices and businesses, IOT (Internet of Things) is used extensively these days.

From cloud computing services based on data entry services, businesses can derive benefit and manage the complexity of their data infrastructure.

Effect of Intelligent Technologies
Smart technologies are drastically casting a positive impact over data entry services and rendering a friendlier approach, providing benefits in the following ways:
Better and more composed process, leading to reduction of human errors.

It has become faster and more efficient with easy management of data in bulk and from different sources like paper forms, scanned images and much more.

Streamlining the business operations and changing the perception of businesses to deal with data management projects.

Increasing the potential to scale data entry processes and utilize innovative techniques.

Enhancing the ability of businesses to manage remote projects more effectively and receive client data irrespective of network availability.

With data entry services supported by smart technologies, you can better achieve your business goals with an efficient management and processing of data.

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